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From Lamps to Beehives

Slamp’s collaboration to protect biodiversity

Slamp greets 2020 with a new project geared towards the planet’s wellbeing: a new collaboration sees  leftover cuttings transformed in portable beehives.


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Slamp has been practicing sustainability for over 25 years. Their resistant, long-lasting technopolymers not only exhibit optimal thermal, electrical, and chemical properties, but these unique materials are recyclable. The manufacturing processes have zero impact on the environment: the lamps’ technopolymer sheets undergo cold cutting before being constructed by hand.

The small amount of extra cuttings are recycled monthly, in since the beginning of 2020, a portion of those are being made into beehives for bumblebees by DS-Group. Bumblebees, part of the Apidae family, are widely used in pollinating fruit trees (replacing chemicals). They are used for tomatoes as well, and ensure quality, juicy crops.

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Slamp applied the same approach to their headquarters, inaugurated September 8, 2019. High priority was placed on architectural decisions, including isolating thermal materials and large windows facing the production lines to reduce the use of artificial light. The hub’s energy comes from predominantly renewable sources.

Zero Co2 Emissions Through Cold Cutting

Minimum Waste Is Recycled Monthly

Most Of The Energy Utilised Comes From Renewable Sources

The Hub’s Large Windows Reduce Artificial Light Consumption

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