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Companies have the privilege of contributing to a sustainable cultural model, infusing systematic and inclusive social impact into their practices. A continuing sustainable project requires the strategic, efficient management of available natural, economic, and human resources.
The company itself generates socioeconomic development within its own operational community and with those who occupy it.

It is often said that Slamp brings dramatic, surprising three dimensional shapes to life, unobtainable using any other material, something that is easily noted when closely observing the brand’s approach to crafting every piece by hand.

Everything starts with a cut, not by laser, but with a blade. The semiprepared, varying sheets of highly malleable plastic technopolymers destined for for our “tailors of light” are first separated from the excess cuttings destined to be recycled monthly. The heart of manufacturing lies in a magical transformation: our “tailors of light” enter centerstage in a harmonious, fluid dance that gives shape to a product. Every movement seems effortless, and yet each is executed with expertise.
Fatto a mano
Slamp confirmed their position on increased sustainability in 2019 as they struck an agreement with a company that transforms cuttings from their products into portable beehives. Their local partner DS Group SrL has produced 140,000 recycled hives over the past two years, where 18 million bumblebees now call home.
In 1998 the “buzz pollination” technique was discovered: bumblebees are superior pollinators due to the vibrations they create within flowers. These intense vibrations from the insects increase the pollen released to flower and collected by the bees themselves. Today more than 100 different farms throughout the world use bumblebees for pollination, and this process is essential to tomato flowers.
A single visit to a tomato flower is sufficient for the bumblebee to complete the pollination process.

Pollinating bumblebees are the principal beneficiaries from the transformation of Slamp’s technopolymers, giving new life to the recycled materials.

Built for the dual purpose of reducing environmental impact while improving the wellbeing of those within, Slamp’s atelier is founded upon the concept of sustainable architecture. Sustainable is not only defined by the effort to reduce damage to the next generations, but actively care for the current, ethically and aesthetically speaking. In a balance between the present and the future, Slamp’s headquarters situated just outside Rome, Italy is a creative, cultural, and manufacturing hub where thermic isolation reins, sunlight is far more predominant than artificial light, and solar panels cover energy needs.

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