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Where Light comes to life
In the heart of the creative headquarters


Our 8.000 sq. m. atelier just outside of Rome is where Light moves beyond the expected, transforming into eclectic, contemporary and unique illumination that blends aesthetics and ethics, using exclusive materials and sustainable technology.


Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile.


Hotels, restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts and offices: whatever kind of space you are creating, renovating, or simply redecorating with the latest trends, Slamp has the solution for you, with collections that offer the perfect balance of international lighting standards and captivating, original design.


Our flexible, resistant, durable technopolymers are thermically, chemically and electrically optimized. They undergo low-impact cold cutting that lower CO2 emissions and we recycle excess cuttings transforming them into new objects.


Companies have the privilege of contributing to a sustainable cultural model, infusing systematic and inclusive social impact into their practices. A continuing sustainable project requires the strategic, efficient management of available natural, economic, and human resources.

Pictured: Roberto Ziliani - CEO Slamp

1994 - 2024
Slamp, The Leading Light
know-how built up over 30 years of research and development

    Slamp's brand identity and value scheme can be found in the flagship store, opened in one of the design capitals London, in the Knightsbridge district. The design of the store-curated by Artistic Director Luca Mazza-reflects the company's aesthetic values: we find the use of the Roman arch, an ever-present element of the brand's architecture, and the clever choice of color that places Slamp as a trendsetter of fashions in the designer lighting scene.

    2022 - LUCE BODY&HOME

    From the fortunate meeting with soul perfumer Mauro Malatini, comes Luce, the brand's first body & home fragrance that translates the sensory spirit of the brand's values. The top note is Bergamot, an essence sacred to alchemists in Italy, an allegory of the sun-an archetype of strength-and the dynamism that distinguishes the brand's tireless research. This is followed by the heart note given by Amber. Femininity, welcome, the day before battle-which immediately calls to mind the Tailors of Light, from whose skilled hands all Slamp lamps are born.


    The material manipulation technique perfected with Marc Sadler (patented under the name Technoforming) by which Slamp's technopolymer is brought to a softening point and then manipulated by hand, allows for the creation of unique pieces and shapes that can never be slavishly reproduced, which have resulted in the already iconic Accordéon, LaFleur and Tulip collections.


    Poetics in balance with international lighting standards, the manufacturing tradition of Made in Italy in dialogue with research and technical innovation, allow Slamp to patent the revolutionary Nuvem system, Miguel Arruda's ceiling-lamp system, distinguished by the possibility of generating infinite and dynamic forms through a system of joints and hooks.


    A new 10.000-square-meter production facility and creative hub is inaugurated in Pomezia, just outside Rome. The beating heart of the new Creative Hub is La Via della Luce, an immersive path that allows visitors to discover how a lamp is born, from concept to shipment. Among the production lines, one has the chance to see with one's own eyes the sartorial mastery of the Sarte della Luce, specialized artisans who handle technopolymers like fabrics in their hands, giving life to real light sculptures.

    2013 - ZAHA HADID

    The need for contamination, for openness to broader and more heterogeneous horizons, the desire to push one's limits beyond the boundaries of design, leads Slamp to open a dialogue with Zaha Hadid - leading architect of the deconstructivist current, Pritzker Price in 2004, among the 100 most influential personalities in the world according to TIME in 2010. This is the genesis of the Aria and Avia collections, now masterpieces.


    From the eridity of Katalogos, founded by Erika Martino - under the editorial guidance of Cristina Morozzi and together with Luca Mazza, the company's Creative Director and its Junior Art Director Noemi Patriarca - this digital editorial project uncovers trends in fashion, design, architecture and art. The contents of the first 24 issues were selected by publisher Rizzoli for the first print edition distributed in all bookstores in Italy entitled "The Moodboarders - Stories of Odd Design."


    In a prolific meeting between Roberto Ziliani and Fiona Swarovski, the brand's participation in the 2006 Swarovski Crystal Palace is defined. The designer who brings to life the revolutionary chandelier of methacrylate and crystals (Gina) - is Nigel Coates, a British architect and designer. Based on the new system of using materials and from the unusual use of its technopolymers, Medusa, Ginetta and Fiorella are born, which sanction Slamp's stylistic evolution in the decorative interior lighting segment.

    1997 - KATALOGOS

    Slamp's brand identity has been characterized, from the very first years, by the desire to place the product side by side with a wide-ranging cultural project, in which cinematography, art, set design and poetry become the inspiration and accompaniment of a design with an unconventional soul. To transfer this image of itself and its production of furniture objects, Slamp makes use of Katalogos, the so-called "non-catalogues", an essayistic production with ironic features, in which the aphorism becomes the main form of conveying even the commercial message.

    At a time in history when the chandelier constituted an immobile and heavy object in home furnishings, Roberto Ziliani founded Slamp on the idea of Tube, the lamp to give as a gift and to give to yourself, an unbreakable and light totemic form that plays with graphic elements between POP and ART. The closeness to Alessandro Mendini - spokesman of radical Italian design in the world, twice Compasso D'Oro - leads Slamp to sign with him a collection of 13 Slamp-Tube, consistent with the trends of postering and 90s graffiti art of which Mendini himself, at the time Art Director also of Swatch, is a keen observer.