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Veli Suspension

White Magnetic system
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available colours
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Sophisticated and glamorous.

designed by Adriano Rachele
Inspired by the high fashion world, where folds, pleats and soft structural shapes reign, Veli is a sophisticated, glamorous collection featuring a series of handcrafted elements carefully connected in a sinuous, elegant design, mounted on a magnetic system. Veli’s varying colours and forms add value to any interior.

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Measurements L

Tech details

The above information, also provided in the Technical Data Sheet, refers to electrical standards with a voltage of 110-220V.

The electrical installation components and other accessories may vary depending on the regulations of different countries; please contact us for more information.

The wattage of the light bulbs is suggested for an optimal balance between luminous output and product aesthetics and should not be considered as the maximum power that can be installed on the product. Where explicitly recommended, please follow the indicated bulb size and/or diameter.

Lamps marked as dimmable are intended to be so only if the electrical system has been prepared for such light variation. This is different for floor lamps and battery-powered lamps marked as dimmable, as their dimmer is integrated.

Size: Ø60 x h. 50 cm | Cord length: min 20 - max 140 cm Colors: White Cord color: Transparent Materials: Opalflex® Lighting: 4 X 12W E27 LED Filament Bulbs Weight: kg 2,07 Dimmerabile: dimmable bulbs needed, depending on wall dimmer Certifications:
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All the white nuances of Veli
Chic, luminous, simple yet rich in personality color finish, able to meet the needs and tastes of everyone thanks to the different materials and textures. Discover the different shades and choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Realizzata in Opalflex®, materiale dalla capacità di diffondere la luce in modo omogeneo, ha una stampa bianca coprente sui bordi dei veli che crea un gioco di chiaroscuri con la luce. L’effetto finale è morbido e particolarmente brillante.


    Its textile texture-inspired finish makes it a perfect solution for giving rooms a soft, tone-on-tone finish. The texture is screen-printed in white on the diffusing Opalflex® material.


    Veli's iconic shape is enhanced by elements reminiscent of the perfection of the natural world. Made of diffusing Opalflex®, each petal has a matte white print made with non-toxic paints that are safe for any indoor environment.


    It is distinguished by its soft white texture enriched by interlacing of cold-applied gold foil, where the light plays with the craquelet texture. For a more neutral white we recommend 3000 K bulbs, otherwise if you would like to effect more amber 2700 K


    The transparent surface appears, when viewed under a microscope, to consist of many prisms capable of capturing light and directing it to a precise point for an iridescent prismatic effect reminiscent of ice crystals struck by light.