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Casa Fenix Rionegro

Name: Casa Fenix Rionegro

Location: Parcelacion el Uvar, Lote B Rionegro, ANT 054047 Colombia

Year of realization: 2015

Architects: Arch. Diego Ospina

Interior Designer: Merce Robledo

A project by: Compañía MPS Teorema Ingenieria

Description: Slamp lights up the 550mq of the First Latin America dwelling to receive the LEED for Homes, Gold category, for energy efficiency, environmental impact, innovation and design. Gruppo Euromobil was chosen by Edgar Hernan Parra, the director general of MPS Teorema Ingeniera, to supply all of the furniture for the home. According to company officials, the well-known Italian furniture company, pursues an eco-sustainable innovation culture that incorporates sustainable and energy efficient production processes and products.

Credits: KmiKstroG

Salected Slamp Products: Avia designed by Zaha Hadid, Goccia designed by Stefano Papi and Diamond designed by Ines Paolucci, Daniele Statera