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Roberto Ziliani, Slamp’s founder and CEO, wins the Compasso d'Oro Career Award 2024

Slamp, the lighting company synonymous with tailoring and innovation, is pleased to announce the awarding of the Compasso d'Oro alla Carriera 2024 to its visionary founder, Roberto Ziliani. An award of high cultural value that arrives right at the same time as the company's 30th anniversary celebrations.

“A career that has been able to combine industry and craftsmanship, art and design, while always being attentive to the relationship with its provenance. A career built through a multidisciplinary culture that started first of all from his contagious enthusiasm” is the reason for Ziliani’s award during the ceremony Thursday 20 June at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

Ph: Ludovica Arcero

100% Handmade in Italy since 1994
An experimenter with an aptitude for creating experiences

Always an experimenter with an aptitude for creating experiences, at the end of the 1980s Ziliani created set designs for haute couture and the automotive industry, giving rise to contemporary shows capable of engaging the audience's emotions.

In 1994 the intuition of founding Slamp, a decorative lighting brand, became concrete. It was the result of the desire to create a reality capable of uniting craftsmanship and industrial production, combining them with the use of unique materials, revolutionising the traditional idea of the "chandelier".

All of Slamp's products are handcrafted with unbreakable and ductile technopolymers, which allow for the creation of articulated and complex shapes, impossible to achieve with other types of materials.

Pict1: Roberto Ziliani with the Slamp Team, from the left

Luca Ticconi Solution Engineer, Francesco Melidoni Board Member, Luca Mazza Creative Director, Erika Martino Board Member, Guy Shamni Sales Director, Noemi Patriarca Visual Communication Supervisor.

Pict2: Roberto Ziliani with his wife Simona Testa and the Design Critic Cristina Morozzi

Pict3: Roberto Ziliani and Erika Martino, Slamp board Member.

Pict4: Roberto Ziliani with Luca Mazza, Slamp Art Director.

Pict5: Umberto Cabini Presidente Fondazione ADI Design Museum, Franco Caimi Caimi Brevetti SpA, Marco Fiorentino ADI Dipartimento Imprese

Pict6: Roberto Ziliani con Patrizia Di Costanzo, Coordinatrice Dipartimento Distribuzione e Servizi ADI

Ph: Ludovica Arcero

Curiosity, experimentation and instinct

"I am honoured by such an important award as the Compasso d'Oro," comments Ziliani.

"When I set up Slamp 30 years ago, starting this radical adventure, I knew it would be a harbinger of good things, but I would never have imagined achieving results as great as this.

Curiosity, experimentation and instinct are still guiding us today, characteristics that have always defined our corporate identity".