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We like to tell a product’s story through the eyes of the designer;
relive our most passionate moments and share the emotions they evoked;
demonstrate how much we love what we do. By hand. Only in Italy.

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The Many Facets of Clizia
The Watermill Center Auction: The Final Bid
Introducing Drusa Collection
“Zaha Hadid in Italy” Exhibition at Maxxi Museum in Rome
Milan’s Euroluce 2017 at a glance
Slamp and Montblanc present OVERLAY
The experience of light: famous faces during Slamp’s Euroluce 2017
A dinner for 100 guests @Spazio Rossana Orlandi 2017
Waiting for Euroluce 2017: “Light of other worlds – stations of light”
Aria Gold shortlisted at EUIPO awards 2016
Casa Italia – Rio Olympic games 2016 highlights
The handmade process behind Dimple and Hanami
The Watermill Center’s auction – day 3
The Watermill Center’s auction – day 2
The Watermill Center’s auction – day 1
An exclusive dinner during “The Art of the Treasure Hunt”, 2016
Before the 2016 Rio Olympics: an intimate interview with Roberto Ziliani
Chianti’s wineries host Wilson and Hadid’s designs for Slamp
The 2016 Fuorisalone Milan: Robert Wilson’s light sculpture for Slamp unveiled
Milan’s Fuorisalone 2016: la Traviata preview
Slamp, Wilson and La Traviata: the conception of the light sculpture
Hugo wins the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2016
Channel 5 features a piece for “X-Style”, capturing Slamp’s ‘Cool Soul’
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Zanini De Zanine interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Elisa Giovannoni interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Patrik Schumacher interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Roberto Ziliani CEO interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Lorenza Bozzoli interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Nigel Coates collections interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Manuel Wijffels interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: Luca Mazza interview
Milan’s Euroluce 2015: designers and new collections
New collection 2014/2015: behind the scene of the photoshooting
Holographic vision of Avia by Zaha Hadid
A cardboard set for Slamp’s collection
Product overview: Cactus Prisma Family
Product overview: Cactus Prisma Floor
Product overview: Ceremony
Product overview: Illuminati Cuore
Product overview: Woody
Product overview: Woody Suspension
Product overview: Faretto Suspension
Product overview: Avia
Product overview: Étoile
Product overview: Flora
Product overview: Clizia Suspension
Product overview: Veli Suspension
Product overview: Veli
Product overview: Veli Prisma
Product overview: Fiorella
Milan’s Euroluce 2013: introducing Slamp
Salone del Mobile 2013: Roberto Ziliani interview for La Stampa
Milan’s Euroluce 2013: interviews by Archiproducts
Milan’s Euroluce 2011: introducing Slamp
Product overview: Faretto
Product overview: Supermorgana
Milan’s Fuorisalone 2010 at Entratalibera showroom
Milan’s Euroluce 2009: introducing Slamp