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Slamp inaugurates its New Headquarters

7 October - 2019
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On September 8, 2019, Slamp rang in its first 25 years, inaugurating the new 8.000 sq. m creative hub just outside of Rome, where the company has always housed its atelier.

headquarters showroom wide image


Slamp’s Founder and CEO, Roberto Ziliani, states that, “The new headquarters was the fruit of an actual dream to create an osmotic layout where the departments are as integrated and transparent as possible. The building is a bit like an Escher work: the Styling and Research&Development offices cross over into the manufacturing areas, the Marketing department into Sales, which meld into the Administrative offices, and the nuclear Networking area, just off the Prototype Development area, with its double kitchen for anyone wanting to try their hand at making a meal.”



The company has 30 assembly lines, 7 cold cutters, 540 products in the catalogue, 20 Research&Development professionals, and 60 employees handling Business Development, Manufacturing, and Administration.


Slamp Hub’s “Via della Luce” is an essential part of the headquarters, a sensorial experience that takes guests through a lamp’s manufacturing process, from conception to shipment, and finishing off in the showroom designed by Ziliani’s right hand man, Artistic Director Luca Mazza.


Ziliani goes on: “we chose to use skylights and large window fronts to welcome in as much of Rome’s warm light as possible; the darker areas are perfect for product testing. We surrounded the property with 15 metres of bamboo, creating our own private paradise, complete with a pink gorilla in the centre. The external facade resembles a data centre in Silicon Valley, contaminated by colourful artistic pieces: at sunset, Jacopo Foggini’s periphery sculpture transforms the building into a sort of spaceship, taking off.”


Photo Credits: Ezio Gosti

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