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Slamp Launches the Configurator

18 September - 2020

With a few simple clicks, simulate Designer Illumination at home!

Slamp brand new Configurator is online, free, and ready for anyone who wants to define illumination within their space. Fast, intuitive, and aesthetically smart, the Configurator is an interior design tool for anyone and everyone, available 24h on the site.

“Does it match my sofa, or the paint I chose for the walls? Can I add one wall lamp, or do I need more? And what if I realize afterward that there is a better solution?” These are only a few of questions we ask ourselves when selecting pieces for our spaces.



Slamp’s Configurator can answer these questions quickly and easily: simply upload an image of the space to decorate (the tool is formatted for both horizontal and vertical photos added from desktop computers or mobile devices).

The system allows users to resize and rotate the lamps within the space, and position them diagonally on the wall, or closer to furnishings and details within the room. When the Configurator project is complete, users can share it with their friends, save it to their personal “MySlamp” account to compare it with others, and request a complimentary estimate.

For those who prefer things done for them, users can browse a collection of rooms in varying styles and sizes, gather inspiration, and try out their own simulations.

Slamp’s Configurator makes designing a personalised, vital, welcoming, regenerating space as easy as a click! All one needs is creativity and the desire to experiment with their own imagination.


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