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Slamp in the Foro Italico during the International BNL d’Italia

7 May - 2018

During the International BNL d’Italia, running from May 7 to 20, twenty  Veli Couture suspensions grace the restaurant inside LEA, a new, innovative take on hospitality and entertainment created for the International.

Curators Secondome and Ex-Elettrofonica have placed Slamp amongst other top contemporary designers, including Fratelli Campana, Francesco Binfarè, Patricia Urquiola and Jacopo Foggini.


veli couture lamp at lea in rome


LEA stands for Lounge Extended Area, and the suggestive space evokes an air of post-war Italy. The versatile space brings a unique luxury experience to all participating in the most important athletic event of the year.

Fino al 20 maggio 2018, Viale Delle Olimpiadi (Foro Italico, Roma).

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