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Slamp Illuminates the Nautical Sector with an Event for Azimut

3 September - 2020

Monaco’s Yacht Club hosted the 9th edition of the Rendez-VMarine event during the summer of 2020; it has attracted owners and fans of Azimut yachts since 2015.

Slamp’s iconic, elegant design lamps were chosen to illuminate the suggestive location, where 30 luxury yachts, parked along the docks of Montecarlo, glowed with Lafleur, the suggestive battery powered bloom handcrafted in Slamp’s Roman atelier.



France and Monaco’s exclusive Azimut yacht dealer, V Marine, also chose Clizia battery, a luminous bouquet that has graced tables around the world, as the centre of the mise-en-place for their gala dinner.

It was the perfect moment to share a passion for the sea and a love of all things Made in Italy. Slamp’s creative illumination isn’t limited to private and hospitality spaces, but perfect for the marina and nautical worlds as well.


Photo Credits: Chai Collective


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