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Slamp Illuminates the McKim Medal Gala at Rome’s American Academy

4 June - 2019

la traviata at fendi gala wide desktop image


Slamp is a technical partner of the McKim Medal Gala, held in honour of those whose work  in the United States and Italy has made a significant contribution to the arts and humanities.

This year the McKim Gala Chair, Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi, has chosen Slamp’s Made in Italy design to illuminate the Gala, held in Villa Aurelia (Gianicolo).

Six luminous “La Traviata” sculptures by Robert Wilson, and “Mida“, unique, glowing jewels, bring magical ambiance to the Limoni gardens.

The McKim Medal Gala is an annual fundraising event supporting the Fellowship Program that allows Americans and Italians to pursue their studies in a stimulating, constantly evolving environment.

This year’s Gala also gives special recognition to two Italians: Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture and Design, MoMA, and curator of the Milan’s XXIII Triennale “Broken Nature”, and Luca Guadagnino, Director, Screenwriter, and Producer.

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