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Slamp at the Rio 2016 Olympics

3 August - 2016

casa italia ar rio olympics in 2016


Slamp has been chosen amongst the best of Made in Italy to light up the exclusive Casa Italia, the luxurious, breath-taking temporary home to the Italian athletes in Rio di Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics. Chantal, La Lollo and Mille Bolle, designed by (respectively) Doriana e Massimiliano FuksasLorenza Bozzoli and Adriano Rachele, are the collections that will be displayed. Each exhibits the perfect fusion of architectural and sartorial expertise, as well as the latest artistic trends, realised in Slamp’s state-of-the-art, exclusive, patented materials. These examples of ‘Handmade in Italy’ will illuminate the home in Brazil starting August 3.


Ricardo Menescal, an architect whose ‘Horizontal’ project included iconic objects and architecture that represent Italian artisan culture in Brazil, was responsible for Casa Italia’s futuristic design. The structure is located on a bluff, overlooking the ocean. Beatrice Bertini and Benedetta Acciari (Galleria Ex Elettrofonica), along with Claudia Pignatale (Galleria Secondome), are continuing this legacy, narrating Italian design and art through select companies, including Slamp, to create an empathetic, visionary and open approach that demonstrates the union between Italy and Brazil.

“When they approached us to participate in this event, my heart was racing…the essence of being Italian somehow connects worlds that seem so far from each other”. The words of Slamp’s CEO, Roberto Ziliani, who brings Italian-made collections, the perfect synthesis of technology, aesthetics and evocative emotions, to illuminate the interior of Casa Italia.

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