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Nuvem glows in Milan’s Compasso d’Oro Design Museum

12 October - 2020

Architect Miguel Arruda’s modular Nuvem system was selected to illuminate the ADI Design Museum Compasso d’Oro, one of Europes largest design museums. The space exceeds 5.000 sq. M and over 2.000 pieces are on display, and serves not only as a testament to Italian design excellence, but ADI’s offices.

The suggestive archeological-industrial space, fully rehabilitated and redesigned between Milan’s via Cartesio and via Bramante, proved perfect for Nuvem’s revolutionary modular anatomy. The luminous ceiling welcomes members in the Museum’s entrance.


Slamp is once again exploring Nuvem’s infinite compositional possibilities, taking advantage of the space’s vertical and transparent surfaces; three modular clusters combine to create three-dimensional volume within the area.

The external light filters inside, melding with the punctual bi-directional spots and spreading throughout the system, bringing illumination, movement, and suggestive geometry to the space. The modular yet decorative structure brings the finest in Handcrafted Italian Design to museum visitors.


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