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Light Up the Way Towards Selling or Renting Your Property!

4 July - 2018

Slamp home staging


If it goes that first impressions count, and possible buyers or renters decide whether they want the property in the first 90 seconds after visiting it, then not only the space, but the lighting, perfumes and furnishing play an essential role in determining success!



It has been a few years now that people are discussing “Home Staging”, but what does it entail exactly?

Staging sets the scene for homes looking to gain added market value and sell more quickly. The temporary improvements, small renovations and changes that are part of Staging make the home more attractive for possible buyers.


Statistics show that properties tend to stay on the market for an average of 300 days, but after undergoing  Staging, tend to sell after only two months at a reduction of only 7%, instead of the standard 20%!

Is it expensive? In short, yes. Prices range and are based on the number of rooms, total square footage and type of changes. What is fundamental to remember is that the owner doesn’t have to purchase a thing! All temporary furnishings and retouches are provided by the Stager, including the professional photography that will serve as an introduction to those looking to visit the home.

One of Slamp’s partners, Italian based association Home Staging Lovers, promotes the innovative profession through a high quality selection of national and international stagers (www.homestaginglovers.it). Slamp’s visual impact and transversal taste is perfectly in line with HSL’s need for flexibility and ease during installation and adjustments; a successful partnership to say  the least.

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