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Illuminated Poetry Captured

22 October - 2019

Cold-cutting sheets of the technopolymers exclusively manufactured for Slamp.

Verifying uniformity of the titanium blades used during cold-cutting; the technopolymer sheets are processed without creating harmful CO2 emissions.

Operators specialising in cutting and the designers from the Research and Development team work in synergy to maximise material use and minimise by-products.

Precision and cleanliness are key words for Slamp’s team of cutting operators.

Slamp’s manufacturing archives house around 500 punches: from 1994 to today, this analog system not only ensures record-breaking execution, but low-impact environmental consequences.

Controlled number cutting uses blades, cutters, and cordons to create decorative elements that would be impossible to produce with other materials.

Slamp’s poetic aesthetics are illuminated through meticulous attention to patented LED circuits, assembled by specialised operators within our atelier in Pomezia, just outside of Rome.

The cut elements make their way towards assembly, where hands that “tailor” light are waiting for them; these women meticulously shape the technopolymer components as if they were textiles.

The in-house Design Team helps the specialised operators every day to ensure that the products’ manual assembly is fluid and linear, avoiding any interference or manufacturing difficulties.

The ladies who tailor light quickly form a relationship with the product they specialise in, and this evolving know-how goes hand in hand with the pride and affection they feel for each piece produced.

The manufacturing site just outside of Rome is amply illuminated, allowing those who tailor the light to easily spot even the smallest imperfection; they immediately exclude these flawed components from the assembly line.

Slamp’s handmade approach is a precise ritual of cuts, folds, and bends that transform a flat technopolymer sheet into an original and decorative three-dimensional shape. Pictured: Clizia Fumè.

The ladies who tailor light are the stars of workshops held outside the company; clients, critics, and the curious get an exclusive demonstration of Slamp’s unique approach to handcrafting.

Slamp products have vastly differing assembly times, from a few minutes to a few hours. Regardless of how many components are involved, each piece has its own variables and requires extreme precision.

Slamp’s original, decorative diffusors are assembled through a ritual established by both the designer and the woman bringing it to light. The process becomes mnemonic, fluid, and enjoyable, much like arranging a bouquet.

Slamp’s manufacturing department, just outside of Rome, has 23 assembly lines entrusted to the meticulous women proudly bringing these luminous creatures to life.

By melting and softening Lentiflex®, the “sculptors” hand-mould battery powered lafleur’s luminous bloom, making every lamp exclusively unique

The technique utilised to mould lafleur was ideated and internationally patented in 2019. This is another benchmark for Slamp’s approach to handcrafted manufacturing.



Photography has always been a part of my life, much through the influence of my father and his stories, himself an amateur photographer whose images I’ve kept, together with a 70s camera. My relationship with photography has evolved, as my perspective shifted. Nowadays, I like what I see from behind the camera, capturing fleeting moments but most of all, the stories I can tell when I assemble a group of images. A session, a project, an idea, a subject, hold in themselves a visual narrative that I am eager to tell.
I like what I do.”

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