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Flower Power: The Spring of Rebirth

2 March - 2021

Slamp is introducing a whole new dimension this Spring: Rebirth

This year, it’s in the cards…Tarot cards, an inspiration that lead us to predict and celebrate newfound LIFE and LIGHT this Spring 2021. Nine artistic shots of the iconic collections that have defined the lighting brand capture personal rebirth in a time when a natural awakening means more than ever.

Sales and Marketing director Erika Martino notes that, “On one hand, 2020 forced us to redefine scheduling, investments, and future development, and yet on the other, we were given the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, discovering the extraordinary wonders that reside within, making each of us truly unique.

Slamp’s latest campaign is perfectly titled Flower Power, yet another brainchild from Artistic Director Luca Mazza, who applies curated yet poetic creativity to his visions.

Mazza recounts how the photographs were “captured within a parallel reality on the Island of Citera, where Goddess of love and passion Aphrodite was born. We passed through portals, discovering the main arcana that drive our core being, and journeyed within our inner beauty. This sort of beauty is available to all of us, at any time throughout our lives.”

Per realizzare le foto – continua – abbiamo usato una tecnica che appartiene al settore cinematografico; non a caso l’artista che ha scattato con me, Federico Zanotti, è un regista prima di essere direttore della fotografia.

Abbiamo realizzato delle miniature dei set: ognuno aveva un’altezza di circa 30 cm. Le forme archetipali degli archi e dei quadrati sono state tagliate in scala, abbiamo usato la sabbia delle Maldive che ha una grana fina, e ricostruito la vegetazione con il miniaturista Valerio Russo”.

Mazza continues, “For the L‘Imperatrice’, featuring Adriano Rachele’s Hanami collection that now boasts a brand new light source, over 18 hours were spent recreating a miniature cherry tree in full bloom. For the La Temperanza, featuring Veli Foliage appliqué, water in a square meter “wave tank” served as the backdrop.”

 Between set up and post-production, a very brief 3 weeks passed, thanks to Mazza’s intuitive collaboration with Visual Supervisor Noemi Patriarca; Patriarca has joined Mazza on every artistic project for over 8 years.

The collections featured are:
Fiorella, Nigel Coates
Flora, Zanini de Zanine
LaFleur, Marc Sadler
Veli Foliage, Cactus, La Vie, Clizia, and Hanami, Adriano Rachele

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