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Come Visit us
at Milan Design Week 2018

17 April - 2018

Slamp welcomes you to explore three exclusive and essential points throughout the city during the upcoming Milano Design Week, 2018 (running from April 17th to the 22nd)


Between the Piccolo Teatro and Brera Design District, in the Galleria Giovanni Scacchi, immerse yourselves in a retrospective dedicated to the virtuoso Zaha Hadid, whose Avia collection for Slamp, “dressed” in new garb designed specifically for the occasion, is on display.


The brand new Innovation Design District, nestled between the bosco Verticale and Unicredit tower, is home to the CasaFacile DesignLab, where Slamp’s iconic pieces are part of a multi-sensory living experience. Explore the unveiling of the newest collection, La Belle Étoile, inspired by the ethereal movements of classical dance, with integrated LED technology and a magnetic hanging system.


A stroll by the Duomo and Milan’s La Scala is accompanied by Slamp’s illumination of the iconic concept store, La Rinascente. The windows are draped in the Veli Couture Collection, Veli Couture Collection, as well as the co-marketing project created with Montblanc: Overlay, the perfect writing lamp.

For more information: info@slamp.compress.office@slamp.it